EAF自動化および最適化サービス市場は2029年までに5億7,820万米ドルに達する 2021年4月5日にPrudourPrivate

Limited(MarketResearch.Biz)が発表した新しい調査レポートによると、 電気アーク炉の自動化および最適化サービスには、 操作の品質と効率、

精度、 操作の容易さの向上など、 さまざまな利点があります。 、 人件費の削減、 手動介入の削減、 およびアイドル時間の最小化。 EAF自動化および最適化サービス市場


The global EAF automation and optimization services market is projected to reach

US $ 317.6 million in 2020 and reach US $ 578.2 million with a CAGR of 6.3% by


An electric arc furnace (EAF) is a furnace that uses an electric arc to heat

charged materials. Electric arc furnaces are mainly used in the production of

crude steel. EAF recycles a mixture of scrap iron and scrap iron to produce new

steel products. Over the past few years, the electric furnace steel industry has

achieved remarkable results by providing equipment to furnace workers. This

reduces the risk of manual hard work and exposure to harsh environments. It

provides automation and optimization services to electrical steel producers,

enabling flexible production and cost-effectiveness through the flexible use of

available raw materials and energy. These services provide basic functionality

such as process tracking, production planning, graphical user guides, and

numerous reports. This ensures correct signal processing and response throughout

the EAF process model.

Electric arc furnace automation and optimization services offer a number of

benefits, including increased operational quality and efficiency, accuracy, ease

of operation, reduced labor costs, reduced manual intervention, and minimized

idle time. This factor is expected to drive global growth in the electric arc

furnace automation and optimization services market. Continued technological

advances and developments in this area, combined with combinations or improved

applications in terms of components, software, durability, and durability,

provide a wealth of opportunities for players active in the market. Is expected.

It is also expected that strong investment support from the government and

private companies will lead to the integration of these technologies.

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COVID-19 pandemic has swept the major economies of various regions, including

automobiles, consumer goods and construction. It has brought serious prospects

to multiple industries such as. Major consumers of electric arc furnaces may

face similar challenges. Gross domestic product and tax cuts can have a certain

negative impact on budgets and investments in some countries and industrial

manufacturing, and may reduce the use of such technologies. In addition, the

epidemic disrupted supply chains in different regions and shut down some

production units. The automobile industry is most influenced by the steel

industry, followed by the machinery industry. Due to blockades in some

countries, procurement of key materials is either stagnant or offered at high

prices. This will have a negative impact on the target market and may continue

until the first half of 2021 or the situation may expand.

Global EAF automation and optimization services market segmentation:

type in based on:

electrical and automation solutions

construction and commissioning

optimization of process

manufacturing execution system

other types

based on the application:

stainless steel

electromagnetic steel

tool steel

key players:

Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.

Techinto (Tenova)

Danieli & C. OfficineMeccaniche SpA

Ami Automation

SMS Group

GmbH INTECO Melting and Casting Technology GmbH

Premier System Integrators Inc

GHI Smart Furness


Stahl- Engineering GmbH Grupo Sarralle

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-optimization-services-market /

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